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Audio System

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I have a small portable PA system available for use. It consists of two 1000W speakers (EV-ZLX 15p's) with stands, and an 16-channel console (Yamaha 01V). It's appropriate for presentations, social events and small acoustic musical acts. It is not suitable for larger, amplified bands, and I do not allow the speakers to be used as stage monitors except for voice-level productions. It's sufficient for up to 200 people outside or in a social setting, or up to 400 people in a presentation or speaking environment.


I keep it in excellent condition and can provide necessary cables and adapters for most uses. The speakers don't require any technical knowledge to set up (they're easier than many home audio systems) and are light enough for one person to lift onto the stands. The console is intuitive for many people with basic audio knowledge, and isn't necessary for many applications (such as background music for parties, 1 or 2 microphone events, etc).


The components fit comfortably in most vehicles and I have soft cases for the speakers so they won't wear on the interior. Depending on my availability, I may also be able to deliver and set it up. Call me at (404) 647-6277 if you would like to use it for your event.

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